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how to say became in french

Posts should ask a question, not just link an article or make a statement and say "discuss". You can link an article or video, but there needs to be a question. You … ... More

how to make a battery bank

Simple way to make a battery bank with 6 volt batteries. Showing 6 volt, 12 volt, 24 volt and 48 volt options. Please check our website for more videos and information: ... More

how to make an intro youtube

17/01/2018 · Learn how to make a Youtube intro easily! These intro clips will help you brand your videos and succeed on YouTube. *THIS PROMOTION HAS ENDED. ... More

how to make a virus with notepad

7/12/2017 · A computer is a basic need in today’s life. But Virus is like a monster who kills all your important files of PC. The virus is always a fear to PC’s owner. ... More

how to say and more in japanese

5/11/2010 · In this lesson i teach how to say "Repeat that" or "Say that one more time" in Japanese. This should be a couple of phrases that all of you keep in … ... More

how to make a face cast at home

Cast your face to use for creating a mask or making a memory. Paper mache is an inexpensive craft that uses common household ingredients. While you can make a paper mache face cast on your own, ask someone to help you in case you have difficulties. The tissue paper used in this project gives the cast a porcelain-like finish. Have fun painting your finished cast or use the casting as a mould ... More

how to make a guy stay interested

How To Make A Guy Interested ? Make Him Head Over Heels Spell ? Your next strategy is to make him want you just as much as you want him. [ HOW TO MAKE A GUY INTERESTED ] If you want to make him sure you are the one CLICK HERE!!.How To Make A Guy Interested Ensure you rehearse it in front of some mutual friends of your daughters groom. ... More

how to make a bot on dicord

The five Discord bots Ive picked out above are a great start, but if youre looking for more bots, you can find some great suggestions in our comprehensive Discord bot lists on TechReviewPro. There are plenty of Discord bots to suit all sorts of uses. ... More

how to make elastic hair ties

Two common types of hair ties are the scrunchie and the elastic. The term can also include a fixed tie which is placed through strands to hold specific parts of hair together, rather than tie it or clasp together like a hair … ... More

how to say fuck you in philippines

“Fuck you UN, you can’t even solve the Middle East carnage couldn’t even lift a finger in Africa [with the] butchering [of] the black people. Shut up all of you,” he said. Shut up all ... More

how to open java console windows 7

Windows client with Java plug-in If you are not running Internet Explorer, you can alternatively launch an iLO Java plug-in console by clicking the launch link in the Install software dialog. This is for cases where you are on a Windows workstation and are not permitted to install any software. ... More

how to make cool oragami for mothers day

1. Create creases by folding your paper in half one way, and then the other, and unfolding again. (There is a lot of folding and unfolding in origami. The crease is the thing, so make sure yours are sharp.) 2. Holding your paper horizontally, fold in the upper left and upper right corners so that ... More

how to make layout in coreldraw

7/04/2014 · This is about How to Design Better Newsletter Layouts in CorelDRAW, Basic Tutorial. Not only is CorelDRAW one of the most robust illustration tools around, but unlike other graphics programs, it can also be used to create multipage layouts. ... More

how to make people fill out psychology study

The sample of a study can have a profound impact on the outcome of a study. In this lesson, we'll look at the procedure for drawing a sample and why it is so important to draw a sample that ... More

show me how to make homemade wine

This wine is easy to make and one will want to scale the recipe up to at least 3 gallons or regret it when you taste it. The strawberries should be ripe and sliced. For this reason, look in the frozen foods for a 32-ounce tub of frozen sliced strawberries (you need two per gallon). ... More

how to open apps by voice on android

Also read, how to Connect, Configure App on Android device and Run Hello World program with Android Studio. Create New Android Project Open Android Studio and create a new project Speech to Text and company domain (We ... More

how to make homemade co2 for aquarium plants

Fertilizing Aquarium Plants Next to a suitable substrate, light, CO2 and pH are far more important than any fertilizer. Light is needed for plants to produce energy by photosynthesis while CO2 helps plants utilize the minerals required. ... More

how to make cloud in doodle god

How the Word Cloud Generator Works The layout algorithm for positioning words without overlap is available on GitHub under an open source license as d3-cloud . Note that this is the only the layout algorithm and any code for converting text into words and ... More

how to make flappy bird app inventor

update-this includes how to put a pause screen and how to change the player's bird. also how to make a button to close the app and how to resume the game. this part is just how to set it up part 7 show how to put the block together to make it. ... More

how to run mac apps on windows

Had I known about running Xcode on Windows or about the solutions below, I mightve started building iPhone apps much earlier! Rent a Mac Before committing to buying a new Mac, you can actually rent one for development. ... More

how to make iced coffee at home with ice cream

This famous Belgian Iced Coffee Cream (Cafe Liegeois) dessert actually doesnt require a strict recipe as its so easy to make and certainly so adjustable to ones preference. What Ill write below are the ingredients and a guide as to how I make it based on how I like it to taste. ... More

how to make a cheese panini

One of my favorite pairs for a panini is pairing a creamy cheese with cranberries. It creates the perfect flavor to go with turkey or chicken without being too overpowering. It creates the perfect flavor to go with turkey or chicken without being too overpowering. ... More

how to make compost at home in india

COMPOSTA USER'S GUIDE TO Compost adds organic material and nutrients to the soil, increases water-holding capacity and biological activity, and improves plant growth and health. The Beauty of Your Lawn and Garden Blossoms from the Soil Thank you for your interest in compost. Compost is a versatile product with many benefits. It enhances soil quality, helps save water, and supports your ... More

how to put on clit clip

anyways, put the palm of your hand over her lower pubic area. Your thumb should be a finger width or two from her clit. While GENTLY applying pressure downwards with your hand, ever so slightly move your hand towards her belly button. This tends to pull the skin up up a little and over the hood, enough to expose the clit. ... More

how to know if you need crutches quiz

5/09/2017 · You may need crutches, a cane, or a walker. Your level of balance will determine which is best for your safety. Your level of balance will determine which is best for your safety. Depending on the level of injury, your doctor may recommend using a bandage or ankle brace to immobilize the ankle. ... More

how to make walnut brownies

How to Make Walnut Brownies. Separate the egg whites and the yolks. Beat the egg whites till they are stiff, preferably with an electric egg beater. ... More

how to make slow paper plane

This plane resembles a fly and will fly well. Bend the tail up or down to control the flight. Bend one up and one down to make it spiral! Bend the tail up or down to control the flight. Bend one up and one down to make … ... More

how to put an arrow on a bow

8/09/2016 · T-Bone and Pitts explain how to mount a rest. Subscribe And Follow Realtree! Official Website: Twitter: ... More

how to make a button hole in knitting

Step 1: Mark where you want to create buttonholes (these will be purl sts when looking at your RS). Step 2: On RS, work in pattern to the k st before your marked/purl buttonhole st. ... More

how to make studio rack homemade shoe

Learn to make a DIY shoe rack using an old bookshelf and making hexagon inserts to hold the shoes! It's easy, stylish and practical storage! It's easy, stylish and practical storage! BRAND NEW: Subscribe for access to 40+ gorgeous printables for your home! ... More

how to run farther without getting tired

In fact, farther to the southeast along the same fault zone, there are some more seismic gaps that are what we might describe as mature. The other characteristic feature, which Frisian has carried on a step farther than English, is the assibilation of velars before front vowels. ... More

how to make spy gadgets with stuff at home

Most of the gadgets presented on these pages cost little or nothing gadgets make, but are as much fun to use as expensive kid spy stuff you can buy. I Spy Make Pages! To you it may seem that he's just sitting on a bench, gadgets his spy business. But the truth is that he's very much aware of his surroundings, and that he's on the spy for his gadgets target. Playing Cards Hideout Spy Gadgets ... More

how to play gta 5 online on ps3

From weapons, to vehicles, colors, characters, physics and more, these mods will let you blast, jump and bend your way to the end of this game which redefined the whole world of an open play gaming reality. Check it out! Go check it out and learn how to hack GTA 4 for the PS3! ... More

sims 4 how to put things in inventory

Question for The Sims 3 Pets. Put things in inventory from build and buy mode ... More

how to make chinese frog closure buttons

China Textile Button, China Textile Button Suppliers and Manufacturers Directory - Source a Large Selection of Textile Button Products at metal buttons ,push button switch ,clothes plastic buttons from China ... More

how to make the dymanite explode in stratch

4/08/2009 · The elitist attitudes of the passengers on the carriage provide a good indicator of the conditions which lead to the revolution – a feudal non-democratic society where gaping inequalities existed between rich and poor. ... More

how to make it in america episode 7 soundtrack

Spend time in the Faux-val Office as Chas Licciardello and John Barron dig through a mountain of facts, graphs and expert opinions to separate the fake news from the reality of Trump's White House. ... More

how to make eczema less itchy

Nummular eczema — This eczema causes coin sized patches of irritated skin. It typically appears on the legs, arms or chest. It usually occurs in adults. It can be related to atopic dermatitis and, less often, allergic contact dermatitis. ... More

how to make cookies chewy again

How to make Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies in 30 minutes Its not a special ingredient, but rather a technique. When the cookies have just barely come out of the oven, are looking a little pale and sad, and have that domed shape that threatens to cool into a hard, too-crispy-edged hockey puck of a cookie ... More

how to play osu tutorial

If you have never played osu! before, then I do not recommend using this client (except for VR players of course), as there are no gameplay tutorials in here (just google "osu!" and play the official game which is a lot more polished). ... More

how to say what the heck in spanish

28/11/2009 A Google search of "but what the heck" "but" added to reveal examples of the acceptance or resignation sense, the sense of je m'en fiche shows that when but what the heck is not part of a question (as it is in But what the heck is a blog? ... More

how to make a paper rose with stem

7/02/2016 · Many of us have been asking how to make a paper rose, what is its pattern? In this outline it is perfect to be used on making rose using colored paper, construction papers, newspapers, metallic paper and others. ... More

how to play bullshit card game

Supplies: beer, people (not more than 6 for a good game), and a deck of cards. Sit in a circle, deal out the entire deck of cards evenly, or thereabouts, to each player. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards. ... More

how to run locally installed webpack from cli

The CLI (@vue/cli) is a globally installed npm package and provides the vue command in your terminal. It provides the ability to quickly scaffold a new project via vue create , … ... More

how to know how to say a japanese letter

12/09/2010 · This video shows you how to say J. Learn the correct American English pronunciation of the tenth letter in the alphabet. ... More

how to apply your makeup in order

Sequencing your skin care routine seems relatively easy, but at times can be difficult to grasp which products follow which. Once you establish a solid and consistent routine, you'll notice huge improvement in skin clarity. Discover how to apply your morning and evening staples in the correct order. ... More

how to make app icons bigger on iphone

Apple has now empowered iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users to change and increase text of any apps that support Dynamic Type and below are two different ways that you can customize font size on your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. ... More

how to make twitch play at 120fps

Last month, Twitch streamer Luke “MrDeadMoth” Munday was arrested by Australian authorities after a Fortnite stream during which he seemed to be hitting his partner. ... More

how to make cold sandwich wraps

This is a saucy sandwich, so extra liquid can make it a bit messy once you bite in. Advertisement. 4 of 17 Becky Luigart-Stayner; Melanie J. Clarke. Zesty Tofu Wraps with Olive Tapenade Zesty Tofu Wraps with Olive Tapenade Recipe After you've tried these wraps, you'll never think of tofu as bland or tasteless again, since a sweet, spicy, and tangy vinegar base infuses the tofu strips as they ... More

how to put text into a speech bubble

How do I get text into speech bubble? Speach bubbles and text are different tools. Can I put a icon on my desktop as a LINK? I want to look like a swimsuit model. Bigger boobs, lips etc howdy I edit a pic like that; what happened to the "waves" filter? thnx, mara; i have created a rotating cube, i saved it on my desktop, can you tell me how i can find the link to share it on fb ? not by ... More

how to make rice cake in hindi

Keep the rice overnight in water. At morning take out from water and dry it. Then grind it. Take a kadai in it put water after 5 min add kaju, coconut, cardamom powder, gud (molasses). When it start boiling add that grinded rice. Then mix it and see that it is little soft. Then switch off the gas ... More

how to make black sesame seeds

The black sesame taste is not strong (perhaps I should try make it from seeds myself) and definitely not sweet enough for my hubby’s taste. Nevertheless, it’s a simple and creative recipe to … ... More

how to make itunes sound better reddit

Configure your iTunes equalizer to make your music sound really good. Enjoy your music even more! Enjoy your music even more! Note: Results vary depending on … ... More

how to make a youtube video your ringtone samsung

I know some of you always give priority to converting YouTube video/music to ringtone with the help of certain online YouTube ringtones maker for convenience. Admittedly, the online video converting service offers you a rapid and simple way. ... More

how to make mashed avocado on toast

Creamy mashed avocado topped with garlicky sauteed mushrooms were there. Thanks to The Wholesome Fork for Garlic Mushroom Avocado Toast , a delectable and easy idea. Julie Morris claims that theres only one thing better than creamy avocado on toast, and thats creamy avocado on toast with just a teeny touch of buttery coconut oil. ... More

how to make money on the internet without spending money

8/11/2009 · All-Star Money In The Bank Ladder Match Highlights - HD Money In The Bank 2013 ... More

how to make a paper banger loud

This is a video of making a love heart shape of a loud instrument. That you slam it down, Got this idea from friends. ... More

how to make a volcano plot

This plot is clearly done using core R functions. There are smoother alternatives how to make a pretty volcano plot (like ggplot with example here), but if you really wish to, here is my attempt to reproduce it : ... More

how to make a heat pack with a towel

31/05/2018 What you'll learn: *Why moist heat is better then an electric heating pad. *How to make a simple moist heat pack using 2 towels and hot water. *How to use essential oils with a moist heat pack. ... More

how to make interactive newsletters

Create 3 Virtual Audio Cables with the Virtual Audio Cable Control Panel (VAC #1, VAC #2, VAC #3) Start up 2 instances of the Virtual Audio Cable Audio Repeater. Set the first one (R1) from VAC #3 to VAC #1 and the second from VAC #3 to VAC #2. ... More

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how to pay with paypal with no money

27/06/2018 · 1 Make a Payment to PayPal Without a PayPal PayPal offers other money request options via mobile app and the link, a customized link that PayPal …

python how to open file but not create the file

This tutorial will demonstrate the basics of using Python to develop applications or services that use Azure Files to store file data. In this tutorial, we will create a simple console application and show how to perform basic actions with Python and Azure Files:

how to make passive mobs fall off a block automatically

Trying to block off flowing lava sometimes doesn't work, and you can take damage from it even though you can't see it visually. Rubber-banding type issues with mobs, meaning that mobs can suddenly swarm and kill you, or creepers can suddenly appear and explode before you see them. Also when attacking passive mobs, they won't appear to take any damage, and then suddenly die. When flying …

how to play ret pally

My Ret Pally partner and I are having a real time cracking 1850, which is what we need for our weapons. I feel that once we (especially my Retadin partner) get our Furious Gladiator weapons, our double-dps combo should be on its way to 2050 in no time. The problem is overcoming this first hurdle. Arena can be such a see-saw at times.

how to make a ball cake without pan

Then, gently add the ball to the mold, making sure your stick lays pretty straight into its cavity without putting too much pressure on the ball. It should be cradled by the candy coat and not touching the bottom edge of the mold. You can wipe off any excess candy coat that comes over the mold with your finger.

how to put fullscreen on youtube ps3

Yes, every other app is full screen. On my ps3 it works well. I even uninstalled it again, but nothing changes. On my ps3 it works well. I even uninstalled it again, but nothing changes.

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